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China Electronic Cigarette Special Committee and UKVIA hold video exchange meeting

At 3 pm on August 19, the Electronic Cigarette Professional Committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce (ECCC) and the British Electronic Cigarette Industry Association (UKVIA) exchanged and communicated on the latest information on the electronic cigarette market in the two countries. This meeting is a large-scale exchange activity between ECCC and UKVIA, with a total of 135 people online and offline.
Ao Weinuo, secretary general of the Electronic Cigarette Special Committee, and corporate representatives, Wang Yuhang, senior marketing manager of Uniwell, Chen Jierong, regional marketing manager of Uniwell, and Chen Jiaen, business development manager of Meizhonglian, attended the meeting. The British representative is John Dunne, Director General of UKVIA.
At the beginning of the meeting, Secretary-General Ao expressed his cordial greetings to John Dunne and was very happy to have another industry exchange with UKVIA. The United Kingdom is the country that supports the development of electronic cigarettes in the world. At the same time, UKVIA is also the most active and effective association. It is a long-term friendly strategic partner of the special committee, and is a bridge and window to help domestic enterprises understand the electronic cigarette industry. The special committee Willing to continue to maintain close cooperation and frequent communication with UKVIA in the future.
Afterwards, Secretary-General Ao Weinuo introduced the gradual introduction of domestic legal supervision rules, which are currently in the final stage of the transition period. Electronic cigarette manufacturers must obtain licenses in compliance with laws and regulations. With supervision, the industry will develop in a regulated and healthy way.
Secretary-General Ao Weinuo shared with John Dunne two more important recent achievements of ECCC: First, jointly with Shenzhen Airport and other units, the company issued the "e-cigarette whitelist" enterprise identification standard and differentiated security inspection system, aiming to provide The export of Chinese e-cigarettes provides more convenient conditions for the export of Chinese e-cigarettes, and provides strong guarantee for Chinese enterprises to earn foreign exchange through export; secondly, it is recommended that member companies of the special committee sign the "Compliance Operation Commitment" to establish a positive and good image of China's e-cigarette industry and promote the global e-cigarette industry. Tobacco industry develops healthily.
Since then, John Dunne answered the questions of the participating companies on the current status of the e-cigarette market in the UK. John Dunne said the UK e-cigarette market in 2022 has rebounded from the trough in 2020 and is expected to grow by 11% this year. There are approximately 3.5 million adult e-cigarette consumers. In terms of the popular e-cigarette categories in the market, basic open and pre-filled e-cigarettes will account for the highest proportion in 2022 (both 35%), and disposable e-cigarettes will increase from 5% last year to 10% this year, causing British public concerns about environmental issues.
In addition, John Dunne made sincere suggestions to companies on the environmental trend of e-cigarettes. At present, the recycling institutions in the UK have limited recycling capacity and cannot recycle all e-cigarettes; even if some capable recycling institutions can do it, the cost is high. Therefore, once the British government's environmental supervision on electronic cigarettes tends to be more stringent, electronic cigarette companies will face a great crisis. John Dunne said that Chinese e-cigarette manufacturers should pay more attention to environmental protection planning in material research and development and product design. Taking materials as an example, companies can prioritize reusable and degradable materials.
At the end of the meeting, Secretary General Ao Weinuo made suggestions to John Dunne. Previously, ECCC led British manufacturers to visit the production workshops of Chinese e-cigarette companies through live broadcasts. Secretary-General Ao Weinuo suggested that UKVIA’s next live broadcast could lead Chinese companies to “enter” British e-cigarette sales stores, allowing Chinese companies to conduct online dialogues with British sales, so that Chinese e-cigarette companies can understand the British e-cigarette market more intuitively and comprehensively. Happening. ECCC hopes to cooperate wholeheartedly with UKVIA to jointly promote the benign, healthy and high-quality development of the electronic cigarette industry.
Through this symposium, the special committee helped member companies to clarify the latest development of the British market in 2022, which played a significant role in formulating overseas strategies for Chinese e-cigarette companies and developing overseas markets. The special committee continues to take serving member companies as the top priority of its daily work, assist member companies to do a good job in compliance operations at home and abroad, and promote the global e-cigarette industry to make great progress in compliance, environmental protection, and protection of minors.